Lorna McElroy - Manager
I have an early years degree and I enjoy the challenging and varied work of being manager at The Marmalade Cat. I find it rewarding to build a community of children, parents and staff all working in partnership to optimise the outcomes for the children in our care. I aim to give all our children a secure and happy start to their lives, and provide an environment where they can learn through play, grow in confidence and be themselves!

Grace Hanley - Deputy Manager
I am part of the leadership team and it is my job to ensure that the nursery provides an environment which is stimulating and varied, so that children's interests are served and their development is supported.
I am a Mum of one, and I come from a large and loving family where children have always been central to our everyday lives. I have completed an early years degree and I look forward to utilising all I have learnt.

Charley Stevens- Third in Charge and Tigers Room Leader
I am thriving on the new challenge of being third in charge as well as my responsibilities as room leader and love being part of a team. I have a real passion for interacting with children and enabling them to learn new skills and have fun socialising and learning through stimulating play experiences. I am undertaking my degree and looking forward to implementing what I have learnt. I am particularly interested in effectively supporting children’s emotional well-being and preparing them for the transition for school ensuring they are happy and confident.

Amy- Cats Room Leader
I really love my job here at The Marmalade Cat. I particularly enjoy planning activities that build up​on the children’s interests. I encourage children to really explore their environment so that they learn through discovery. I ensure the children have the opportunity for lots of messy play and use all their senses to learn. I support the children to share with their friends and learn how to interact together, which is a vital skill at this age, and it is great to watch them forging friendships.​

Carly King – Kittens Room Leader
I am fascinated with the learning and development of babies. Changes happen so quickly at this stage that each day is different and interesting. I make sure I forge good relationships with parents, ensuring that babies settle well. From this sound basis, and in a secure and stimulating environment we feel we provide babies with the best possible start in life.

Naomi Hall – Chef
My name is Naomi and I am the Chef at the Nursery. As a mum of four I know how important it is for children to have a varied and well balanced diet. All of the meals served at the Nursery are prepared on site every day from fresh and high quality ingredients. I have very exacting standards for my own children’s food, and I wouldn’t dream of serving the children attending the nursery anything less. Please contact me through the nursery if you would like to know more about the children's meals, get recipes or come in for a tasting.

“Our son seems to really enjoy nursery, and gets involves in
lots of interesting activities, I am impressed with his progress.
I am really VERY happy with his care at nursery”
HB, Long Marston

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