3 months - 2 years

Our babies are looked after with lots of love and care – even before they start, with home visits from their key worker to ensure a happy settle at nursery. With a staff ratio of 1: 3 there are always lots of people on hand to play, help or give a cuddle.

2 - 3 years

These independent little people are given more choice in their days though still within a carefully planned framework. There's a staff ratio of 1:4 to provide lots of guidance and helping hands.

3 - 5 years

The children now are usually confident and skilful little learners, busy with creative and stimulating activities, often with a friendship group and able to express their preferences. Staffing ratio is 1: 8. 

The Marmalade Cat       Day Nursery 

"I am really surprised by some of our son's numeracy skills and will endeavour to nurture these at home also.

He is very happy here and it is great to see his development reflecting that.”
CT, Aldbury